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MMSZ Report on Rural Health and Well-Being

In 2019 HEARR contracted with Masamichi Souzou (MMSZ) to work with us and community members to identify areas for us to explore.


Who is Masamichi Souzou: A New Kind of Company 

  • "We are Masamichi Souzou (正道想像), meaning "Correct Path, Imagined/Created" in Japanese. We are a company looking to optimize the world’s happiness. We build products and services that support individuals to make changes that will improve their happiness, and to help organizations and governments put in place supports that will improve the happiness of their employees, partners, customers, and citizens. 

  • We apply the latest design techniques to discover needs and create new solutions related to happiness. We are a  movement, with our contributors working with us to optimize their own happiness and that of their families and communities,  believing together that we can redesign the world for happiness. 

  • Masamichi Souzou solves for human happiness through the consideration of everything. In a world where everything is connected, there is no system, activity, or interaction that falls outside our purview. And through the appropriate consideration of every part of this beautifully complex world, we work to optimize for happiness."

Elliott Wortham, with MMSZ, spent the Fall of 2019 in and around Scottsville. He interviewed numerous residents and visited several businesses. This page is a culmination of his findings.

The full report:

This section provides information on the framework we used to guide our research. It also includes an overview of the research we completed and an outline of the different types of citizens in the community. 

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This section highlights the insights we uncovered for each happiness & well-being frame. After each group of insights are preliminary opportunities for HEARR and other stakeholders to consider when working to improve the health of individuals in the area. 

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This section provides an overview of where we focused our designs and a detailed outline of seven concepts that address the primary opportunity areas identified by citizens and by the HEARR team. 

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